Friday, May 2, 2014

A fond fairwell on our last night.

Leaving is always a little sad. Tuesday evening we were able to have some time to visit with Nuria, Marta and George.  A fond fair well to new friends.  We worked well as a team to capture images and meet people during a special time, Semana Santa in San Luis Potos√¨.
George hold Churro, their older dog.  In the mirror is Marta with Squeak, the lively puppy.

Chufa, the German Shepard, loves to play water games with Nuria

The Team, now friends, Marta, Margaret, George, Fred, and Nuria

Chufa, tired of us talking, instead of playing with her,  grabs my precious journal off the table and runs off.  A crazy game of chase follows.  George gives her a chunk of cheese in exchange for my book, only slightly worse for wear.  Thank god I didn't have to tell every one that the dog ate my homework.

A toast to one all.  Hope you enjoyed our trip as much as we did.  We will have an exhibition of photos, paintings and prose from the trip at the Frank Bette Center, Alameda, for the month of November, 2014. Best regards to everyone, Margaret

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